MINI Aceman – Everything you need to know

MINI Aceman – Everything you need to know For the Monacoframe collective, I had the opportunity to color grade the introduction video for the new all-electric Mini Aceman. The special challenge was to precisely match the vehicle’s paint colors and accurately bring out the various textures in the interior. The result is a video that impressively showcases the elegance and innovation of the Mini Aceman. Client: MiniProduction: MonacoframeDirector/DoP: Michael BaumbergerTrinity Operator: Christoph Werner1st AC: Andreas ThomasGaffer: Lucas GebauerADR: Benedikt MühleEdit: Maximilian Gibas  


Cambodont For a dentist from Kempten, I had the opportunity to assist the Monacoframe collective with color grading for a cinema ad. The footage was shot using a RED Helium 8k and Atlas anamorphic lenses, providing me with a wide range of options in color manipulation. The challenge lay in seamlessly blending the different shots while achieving the desired visual style. It was particularly important to establish a subtle vintage western look without compromising authenticity. For the cinema screening, a more intense grading was applied to showcase the details optimally on the big screen. In contrast, a slightly softer look was chosen for web distribution, ensuring it would still be effective on smaller screens. Client: CambodontAgency: Credodesign/MonacoframeDirector: Michael BaumbergerTalents: Felix Cremerius Ronny Schuster, Christian H. Andreas M.DoP: Maximilian Rödl1st AC: Sebastian MögeleGaffer: Dennis FischerSet Design: Benita BöhmHair & Make-Up: Laura BrucklachnerRunner: Zoe LaraEdit: Gero LangHeinrichColor Grading: Maximilian LammPhotos: Petra RegerExtras: Stefan Krause, Lisa Seifert, Aryane Siebra

Porsche Roads Autumn

Porsche Roads Autumn For Porsche, I had the opportunity once again to support the Monacoframe Collective as a Focus Puller and Colorist. The film is a tribute to the fascinating adventure made possible by the Porsche Roads App! Alongside the Riviera Blue Porsche 964 Carrera 2, we immersed ourselves in an unforgettable autumn journey through the enchanting landscapes of Hinterriss. The video is intended as part of a series to promote the Porsche Roads App. It is a unique route planner that doesn’t prioritize the fastest route but rather the most beautiful one for you. Throughout the four seasons, iconic Porsche vehicles are to be showcased. Client: PorscheAgency: TerritoryProduction: MonacoframeCreative Director: Christian KleinDP: Michael Baumberger1st AC: Maximilian Lamm2nd AC: Pascal TheisenGrip & Aerial: Lukas Mauerer & Christoph SteinerProducer: Benedikt HöllPhotography: Sebastian StückePrecision Driver: Uwe MansshardtGrading: Maximilian Lamm

Gympass Campaign

Gympass Campaign With a small crew, we were able to create this short campaign video for Gympass at the end of the year. Over two exciting shooting days, we aimed to capture the diverse possibilities that Gympass offers. We made an effort to highlight the range of available fitness options and experiences, ranging from dynamic workouts to relaxing wellness activities. Our goal was to captivate the audience with engaging visual impressions while emphasizing the versatility of Gympass as a platform for a comprehensive fitness experience. Client: GympassProduction: MonacoframeDirector: Michael BaumbergerDP: Maximilian Lamm1st AC: Sebastian MögeleGaffer: Alex FinkEdit: Kim Enzo SteinocherGrading: Maximilian Lamm

Dethleffs – Trend

Dethleffs – Trend In early December, I had the opportunity to assist the Monacoframe crew during a shoot for Dethleffs. The choice of Croatia as the location was influenced by the still mild climate. There, we were able to shoot for two days at an empty campsite, enjoying pleasant outdoor temperatures. Back home, during the color grading process, I further enhanced the summer vibe of the footage. Client: DethleffsAgency: TerritoryProduction: MonacoframeService Production: 2.0 filmDirector: Michael BaumbergerDP: Maximilian Rödl1st AC: Maximilian LammGaffer: Dennis FischerAerial Footage: Michael BaumbergerPA: Sophie SommerGrading: Maximilian LammEdit: Gero LangHeinrichPhotos: Matthias Fend

John Garner – Picture of my Mind

John Garner – Picture of my Mind For the Augsburg folk band John Garner, I had the opportunity to create the music video for their new song “Picture of my Mind.” The unique challenge during the shoot was that throughout the entire film, two storylines run in parallel on a split screen. Consequently, all scenes had to be filmed more or less twice. I strongly recommend watching the video twice for a complete experience. Cast: Yumina Otsuka, Ronja Zick, Sidney Haas, Daniel SöllRegie: Michael BaumbergerKamera & Grading: Maximilian Lamm1st AC: Sebastian MögeleEdit: Kim Enzo SteinocherRecording: ISSA MusikMixing: Maximilian WörleMastering: Dimi ConidasProduced by MONACOFRAME

Deutsche Bahn Corporate

Deutsche Bahn Corporate For the German Railway (Deutsche Bahn) and its corporate campaign in 2023, I had the privilege of handling the color grading. The most significant challenge was creating a cohesive overall look from the varying weather conditions on set. The result is these three videos. Client: Deutsche Bahn KonzernAgency: TerritoryProduction: MonacoframeDirector: Michael BaumbergerDP: Armin Kottek1st AC: Gaffer: Sound: Edit: Maximilian GibasGrading: Maximilian Lamm

Bad Heilbrunner – Imageclip

Bad Heilbrunner – Imageclip For the new promotional film for Bad Heilbrunner, I had the opportunity to spend two wonderful days on location in Bad Heilbrunn and Benediktbeuren with an amazing team. Client: Bad HeilbrunnerAgency: TerritoryDirector: Michael BaumbergerDoP: Maximilian LammProducer: Benedikt Höll1st AC: Alex FinkAD: Chantal HaugBest Boy: Moritz Fuchs, Moritz FrankSound: Andreas SorréHair & Make-Up: Fritzi FeldmannPhotographer: Stefan GrauEdit: DCT Film, Maximilian GibasColor: Nicholas ColemanSound: Studio4

Generali – Future starts now

Generali Basic-Pension I had the opportunity to support the agency territory in the implementation of the Generali basic pension campaign. I contributed as a DP and Colorist. Production: MonacoframeAgency: territoryDirector: Michael BaumbergerDP: Maximilian LammAC: Ferdinand SoldanGaffer: Dennis FischerGrading: Maximilian Lamm

Ansorge Logistik Loopvideos

Ansorge Logistik Loopvideos For the new website of Ansorge Logistik, I had the privilege of collaborating with the Monacoframe Collective to handle the grading for the loop videos. This resulted in a variety of short clips. Production: MonacoframeDirector: Michael BaumbergerKamera: Armin KottekGrading: Maximilian Lamm