DRK missingtype 2023

The supply of blood donations can be crucial for sick and injured individuals. As in the two previous years, I was able to support the Monacoframe collective in implementing the campaign this year as well. To draw attention to this cause, we, along with Laura Wontorra, Mats Hummels, Motsi Mabuse, and many other supporters, are using a simple idea with a powerful impact: Around World Blood Donor Day, we abstain from using the letters corresponding to the urgently needed blood groups A, B, AB, and O.
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Client: DRK Blutspendedienste
Agency: We Play Forward
Production: Monacoframe
Director: Michael Baumberger
DP: Maximilian Rödl
B-Cam: Maximilian Lamm
1st AC: Alex Fink
2nd AC: Jakob Landes, Sebastian Mögele
Gaffer: Armin Kottek, Fabian Pfriem
Best Boy: Moritz Frank
Sound: Anton Schlichter
Hair & Make-Up: Lukas Kuciel, Laura Brucklachner
Styling: Alice Juhas
Edit: Maximilian Gibas
Grading: Maximilian Lamm
BTS: Sebastian Mögele
Sound-design: Martin Linka
Music: Stefan Krause