For a dentist from Kempten, I had the opportunity to assist the Monacoframe collective with color grading for a cinema ad. The footage was shot using a RED Helium 8k and Atlas anamorphic lenses, providing me with a wide range of options in color manipulation. The challenge lay in seamlessly blending the different shots while achieving the desired visual style. It was particularly important to establish a subtle vintage western look without compromising authenticity.

For the cinema screening, a more intense grading was applied to showcase the details optimally on the big screen. In contrast, a slightly softer look was chosen for web distribution, ensuring it would still be effective on smaller screens.

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Client: Cambodont
Agency: Credodesign/Monacoframe
Director: Michael Baumberger
Talents: Felix Cremerius Ronny Schuster, Christian H. Andreas M.
DoP: Maximilian Rödl
1st AC: Sebastian Mögele
Gaffer: Dennis Fischer
Set Design: Benita Böhm
Hair & Make-Up: Laura Brucklachner
Runner: Zoe Lara
Edit: Gero LangHeinrich
Color Grading: Maximilian Lamm
Photos: Petra Reger
Extras: Stefan Krause, Lisa Seifert, Aryane Siebra