Generali - Idole Hautnah

Two gymnasts, Fabian Hambüchen and Gabriel Eichhorn. In the minutes before training, they sit in the locker room on a box, slide their gloves with finger holes on, wrap their wrists, clap their palms together, and let the magnesium dust fly. Then they stride, broad-shouldered, through dark corridors into the hall into the light. Where the apparatuses stand, on which they aim to deliver top performances. Where hard work is done: giving everything and achieving the big goal. Winning gold, standing at the top, being the best in the world.
I had the privilege of accompanying these exceptional athletes as a DP for the Generali Online Journal. Together with the Monacoframe Collective, we created a portrait that spans over four minutes.

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Production: Monacoframe
Director: Michael Baumberger
Editorial: Chantal Haug
DP: Maximilian Lamm
Additional Camera: Michael Baumberger
Gaffer: Fabian Erdt
Sound: Sebastian Breitner, Jochen Wolkersdorfer
AC: Ferdinand Soldan
Grading: Maximilian Lamm