Pam Pam Ida – Hoassa Droht

For the band Pam Pam Ida, I had the opportunity to create the music video for their new single ‘Hoaßa Droht’ from the upcoming album ‘FREI.’ What is it about? Going backward in search of the right direction. Everyone seems to know better than the other where it should go. Conflict and exhaustion. It sounds like current political events, but that’s not what Pam Pam Ida is about. At least, not only that. Perhaps it’s simply about rural life? Or philosophical realization. Sometimes they go hand in hand. In any case, the ease of forward movement brings a full stop. And a realization: moving forward makes more sense (and joy)!

The concept was developed by the band themselves, and the visual implementation comes from my creative direction. I was supported by the second cameraman Johannes Fendt and camera assistant Laura Schneider. The final post-production was done in close collaboration with the band, once again by me.

The significant challenge was to shoot the video on two consecutive days, each during sunrise and sunset. With a total of six different locations, we intentionally kept the technical setup small and mainly shot with natural light.

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Regie: Andreas Eckert
DoP, Editor, Colorist: Maximilian Lamm
B Kamera: Johannes Fendt
Kameraassistenz: Laura Schneider