Porsche Roads Autumn

For Porsche, I had the opportunity once again to support the Monacoframe Collective as a Focus Puller and Colorist.

The film is a tribute to the fascinating adventure made possible by the Porsche Roads App! Alongside the Riviera Blue Porsche 964 Carrera 2, we immersed ourselves in an unforgettable autumn journey through the enchanting landscapes of Hinterriss.

The video is intended as part of a series to promote the Porsche Roads App. It is a unique route planner that doesn’t prioritize the fastest route but rather the most beautiful one for you. Throughout the four seasons, iconic Porsche vehicles are to be showcased.


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Client: Porsche
Agency: Territory
Production: Monacoframe
Creative Director: Christian Klein
DP: Michael Baumberger
1st AC: Maximilian Lamm
2nd AC: Pascal Theisen
Grip & Aerial: Lukas Mauerer & Christoph Steiner
Producer: Benedikt Höll
Photography: Sebastian Stücke
Precision Driver: Uwe Mansshardt
Grading: Maximilian Lamm