Dethleffs – Trend

In early December, I had the opportunity to assist the Monacoframe crew during a shoot for Dethleffs. The choice of Croatia as the location was influenced by the still mild climate. There, we were able to shoot for two days at an empty campsite, enjoying pleasant outdoor temperatures. Back home, during the color grading process, I further enhanced the summer vibe of the footage.

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Client: Dethleffs
Agency: Territory
Production: Monacoframe
Service Production: 2.0 film
Director: Michael Baumberger
DP: Maximilian Rödl
1st AC: Maximilian Lamm
Gaffer: Dennis Fischer
Aerial Footage: Michael Baumberger
PA: Sophie Sommer
Grading: Maximilian Lamm
Edit: Gero LangHeinrich
Photos: Matthias Fend